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This document describes the software library - eGUI graphic driver for microcontrollers. The source code files are intended to be included directly into the application project or built separately into as a statically linked library. This document should give you all information about driver configuration and its use in your application. The Directory Structure explains the source files and header files important for your application. Please read the License document for terms and conditions under which you can use the software.

Many embedded applications require a human interface for control and display purposes, but until recently these have been restricted to simple led or segment LCD displays for most MCU applications due to the limited RAM and ROM available on the chip. When the required complexity has led to the need for a graphics LCD panel, then the hardware would normally be changed to add an additional MPU with a dedicated LCD drive or with the addition of an external graphics LCD controller. The additional cost associated with this has restricted the introduction of graphics LCDs to most MCU applications. However, with the recent introduction of low-priced graphics LCD panels with simple serial or parallel interfaces and integrated display RAM, graphic LCD applications can now easily be implemented with MCUs if the graphics driver software is well designed and takes into consideration the limited MCU resources. The D4D has been specifically written with the constraints of an MCU (low FLASH and RAM) and the assumption that the graphics display RAM is write-only, as is the case of many "Smart LCD" panels. As a result, the D4D can produce a stunning layered graphics display using only limited RAM and FLASH from the MCU and a small library footprint.

All the code in this application note has been tested and debugged on the S08, S12, ColdFire V1/V2, Kinetis and PX series of Freescale microcontrollers, with CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers v6.3. for HCS08 MCU's, CodeWarrior for Coldfire v7.2, CodeWarrior for MobileGT 9.2, CodeWarrior 10.5 and IAR Embedded Workbench 6.7.

eGUI Example


Download : Freescale eGUI Presentation 3.0


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